Contact:  Marian McElroy, Esq.

Phone: (224)-733-9933


Dr. Njoki McElroy

Location: Oak Cliff Cultural Center, 223 W. Jefferson Ave Dallas, TX 75208

Date: Saturday, June 16, 2018  2:30 PM

Renowned scholar, writer, performer, teacher and master storyteller

Storytelling performance series entitled "Our Stories: Bridging Communities and Building Trust through Storytelling”.  These Storytelling performances are produced by Dr. Njoki McElroy and Caramia Theatre and directed by Dr. Njoki McElroy and Jiaan Powers. The series is funded in part by the Mid-America Arts Alliance to bring the arts to diverse neighborhoods in Dallas, TX. It brings diverse groups of people together - people who normally do not interact - for the purpose of hearing each other's story.  This location is one of six venues for the series.